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Ready, Set, Koh – Part II

Alpine ActionFollowing intermission, Carlos & the Gang closed out 2012/13 with a classic, old-school gem: Brahms’ massive First Symphony. The oft-gruff composer took two decades to write this music, but it only took the Oregon Symphony about 45 minutes to knock it out of the proverbial ballpark and prove, once again, why they are Stumpland’s ultimate cover band. The stormy opening measures were underscored by the ominous timpani strokes of Jon “Animal” Greeney who (per the youzhe) held court with a kettle drum masterclass until the final roll of the rocking finale. Every freakin’ section demonstrated sublime moments of glory throughout… Captain Frank and the stand-up guys of the double basses… Mr. John Cox and the impressive array of alpine-infused horns… Evan ably leading the battalion of bassoonists… Jeffrey workin’ it with the sexiest line-up of brass you ever will witness. [Yowza!] And extra-special beavertail salutes go out to oboe god Marty Hebert, flute wonder Jess Sindell, and our kick-ass concertmaster Sarah Kwak: Um, y’all are simply brilliant. Period. Monday night proved to be the perfect capstone atop another transcendent Oregon Symphony season filled with surprises, loaded with talent, and chock-full of the most jaw-dropping music humanity has ever produced. I don’t know about you, but this rodent is already stoked for 2013/14 ~ YAY!


My Winner With André – Part II

Sleeping BeaverBefore Monday night’s intermission, the Oregon Symphony embarked on Robert Schumann’s Symphony #1.  It is the 30-year-old’s very first attempt at orchestral composition, and unfortunately, the work demonstrates just how difficult writing a successful symphony is.  I’ll admit it: Ol’ Beavey thinks the piece is a downright snoozer.  If any reader wants to stick up for Mr. Schumann’s symphony, by all means, leave a comment.  Onward!

What’s On Tap?

beer tapsThis Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the Oregon Symphony allows guest conductor Christoph König to steer the ship for Hindemith’s insane Concerto for Orchestra, Schumann’s very first symphony, and Ludwig van Beethoven’s monumental Piano Concerto #5 featuring André Watts behind the Steinway.

Why go?  Listen up: Almost every classical show features an international virtuoso that teams up with Portland’s big band, but Mr. Watts is this season’s only soloist to carry legendary status with him onto the Schnitzer stage.  Introduced by Leonard Bernstein on national TV in the early 60’s when he was a 16-year-old black kid, the wunderkind instantly rocketed to stardom and has been playing to packed houses ever since.  The sweet, sweet fact that Watts is in PDX to knock out LvB’s fifth (and final) piano concerto makes this program the very first do-not-miss performance of 2013.  Just go.

For more deets, click on *the band’s website, call one of their lovely phone reps at (503) 228-1353, or slip into their downtown box office at 923 SW Washington today or Monday.

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