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koh 2 koh – part II

scene: romania, 1908.  characters: béla and his loveable sidekick zoltán.  synopsis: we follow the harrowing mountain journey of two young musicians on a quest to record native folk dances in remote transylvanian villages.  reads like a screenplay, right?… perhaps orlando bloom as bartók & jake gyllenhaal as zoltán?  well, i can’t make this shit up [oops, sorry again mary].  as unbelievable as it sounds, that’s exactly what béla bartók and zoltán kodály did when they were both passionate 20-somethings.  can you imagine lugging all that huge-ass equipment around in b.f.e. romania?!  oy, i would have loved to been there.  and get this: they later incorporated the gypsy music into their own classical compositions.  coming back from intermission, the crowd was treated to one of mr. bartók’s ethnomusicological gems, featuring a fully recharged, relocked, and reloaded jennifer koh on fiddle backed up by the best band in stumpland (sans cimbalom).  the second half of this rhapsody also features a tune that’s a deadringer for “simple gifts” – from here on out, i’m calling the piece bartok’s carpathian spring.

music by one more slavonic gentleman capped off the night: antonín dvořák’s symphony #7 (in d minor, for those of you working on your box scores).  its first half passes as thickly germanic and stormy; only in the last half does antonín fully get his slav on… a whirling polka connected to a melodramatic, czech-o-riffic march of triumph.  viva la vie boheme, indeed!

oh yeah, the classical beaver would be sorely negligent if it didn’t give a heartfelt shoutout to all the brilliant windfolk who totally blew it (in a very good way), and to jon “animal” greeney, a one-man drum circle displaying cylon-like precision in every frackin’ piece.


what’s on tap?

this sunday and monday, resident maestro vajda will lead the band in one of his own compositions.  as if that wasn’t enough, violinist/english lit major jennifer koh will tackle a pair of musical gems – one by sam barber and one by béla bartók.  the night ends with symphony #7 written by antonín dvořák.

why go?  jeez-o-man… it’s a violin twofer!  we’ll be going koh-to-koh with some of the best fiddle numbers on the planet.  oh, and after listening to dvořák’s symphony 3x yesterday, i can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to hearing it live.  it’s good.  real good.

additional deets?  click here.

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