the classical beaver is a completely unauthorized space devoted to the oregon symphony – the original local band of pdx.  while the author would love to post comments on every happening of the orchestra, he does not have a trust fund and must maintain gainful employment to help pay the mortgage and buy kitty litter; therefore, the focus of this blog is limited to the regular straight-up classical season (still a shit-ton of amazing music, btw).

after narrowly escaping an oppressive suburban childhood in ohio filled with nothing but adult contemporary pop, the cb’s creator is a relative newbie to classical music… someone who loves tom waits, miles davis, and the dixie chicks just as much as he loves gustav mahler.

if you’d like to contact the author, by all means, do so…

what – you’re still reading?!  don’t you have some work to do?  well, in that case, i offer you a glimpse of the classical beaver’s origin, compliments of the angry symphony guy and the portland mercury:

april 30, 2009

september 10, 2009

october 29, 2009

december 17, 2009

january 28, 2010

april 22, 2010

october 14, 2010


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