The Password Is: Club Mod

Higdon and BeauOl’ Beavey just assumed the first do-not-miss arts event of 2013 was going to be this upcoming Oregon Symphony program featuring legendary pianist André Watts. I was wrong. The actual event already took place Saturday night over the airwaves: Robert McBride’s latest broadcast of Club Mod on All Classical Portland. Long-time readers of the blog know this rodent considers Club Mod some of the best radio happening on the planet these days, but when Mr. McBride welcomes composer Jennifer Higdon to co-host the show, things get real brilliant real fast. With her southern drawl only slightly dampened by two decades of teaching in Philadelphia, Ms. Higdon is utterly delightful to hear, not only for her accent, but for her insights into life, music, and the task of being a classical composer in the 21st Century. The totes engaging program showcases many of her compositions, all of them gems: the ethereal middle movement of String Poetic featuring violinist Jennifer Koh… a super fun bluegrass/classical mash-up… a vocal wonder entitled O magnum mysterium for chorus, 2 flutes, 2 crystal glasses (!), and chimes… a soprano saxophone concerto with wind ensemble… and last (but certainly not least) her track-and-field inspired Violin Concerto composed for and played by virtuoso Hilary Hahn – a work that earned Higdon the Pulitzer Prize a few years ago. What’s that? You missed the show Saturday night? Well, through the miracle of modern technology, you can still listen to the entire episode whenever you want over the next week and a half. *Click here to access All Classical Portland‘s free streaming, click on the Audio Archive button, and select this week’s episode of Club Mod. Voilà ~ Enjoy!


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