much ado about something – part II

black-clad angelto celebrate the birthday of a fellow soviet musician, comrade shostakovich wrote his second violin concerto in 1967, filling it with all the cheerfulness and gaiety of a dead puppy.  it’s one of those works that induce a few concertgoers to look over at their dates and give them a look that clearly says: why the hell did you drag me to this?  [like most of uncle dmitri’s music, easy listenin’ it ain’t.]  the genuine feelings and demanding virtuosity of every shostakovich piece i’ve ever heard, however, somehow win over this rodent without fail.  and when a guest soloist like mikhail simonyan is in the house to perform, wonders happen.  seriously.  black-clad and tailless, the twenty-something russian graced the schnitzer stage (and i do mean graced) with his 2-year-old fiddle and somehow calmed the anxious crowd despite the slew of sirens, whistles, and sudden door-poundings that occur without warning throughout this harsh concerto.  the final minutes of the work include an astonishing passage obviously written for a string quartet that the young mr. simonyan, like an angel beset by dissonance, miraculously tackled all by himself.  enthusiastic applause (tinged with relief) erupted after the concerto’s final note, and when mikhail returned for his second bow he did so (quite remarkably) with horn player joe berger in tow, graciously sharing the spotlight and well-earned recognition.  as an encore, the pride of novosibirsk asked for a low cello drone from trevor and marilyn (yay!) to support this gorgeous armenian dirge that languidly unraveled from his violin before an amazingly hushed hall.  wow.  the biggest beavertail salute goes out to mr. simonyan: thanks for visiting and hope to see you back in p-town really, really, really soon! [sigh]


1 Response to “much ado about something – part II”

  1. 1 kmagyoyo December 5, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    It was truly astounding.

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