brush up your mahler

this saturday, sunday, and monday, the oregon symphony will undertake the most gargantuan work of their 2012/13 season: gustav mahler’s symphony number six!  folks, members of the band have been looking forward to performing this music ever since it was announced back in february.  (i kid you not.)  today the beav is here to offer 3 solid tips aimed at increasing your enjoyment of this epic event:

1) listen to it now!  if you’re not super familiar with uncle gustav’s sixth symphony, please do yourself a favor and listen to some or all 80+ minutes of this massive mass of music before your ass hits a schnitzer seat.  i offer you *this brilliant video of the chicago symphony orchestra hammering the point home… especially at the 1 hour 7 minute mark.

2) tune into all classical portland tonight!  on the latest episode of northwest previews, dj robbie mc-b chats with coach kalmar about the band’s upcoming mahlerian enterprise.  turn your dial to 89.9 fm in p-town or *listen anywhere online at 6pm this evening.

3) skip the pre-concert dirty martini!  opt for a *stumptown macchiato instead.  thank me later.

whew ~ okay beaver readers, you now have your homework assignments.  oh, and be sure to come back tomorrow when the classical beaver throws 10 questions at one of the band’s bang-bang boys!  (um, you ain’t gonna wanna miss it.)


1 Response to “brush up your mahler”

  1. 1 Olin Williams November 1, 2012 at 10:29 am

    I can’t wait! One of my favorite pieces of music, although when asked what my favorite Mahler symphony is, I reply “whichever one I am listening to!”

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