dancing with the stars – part IV

monday night, the final work on the program was the final work ever written by sergei rachmaninoff.  the beavs ain’t sure if the composer was recalling a party he attended with edvard munch back in the day or what, but his title of symphonic dances is just a teensy bit deceptive… anticipating dvořák-ish jollity, the listener gets a healthy dose of shostakovich-esque dread instead.  honestly, with a few seasons under my belt now, this particular rodent needs to just start expecting the unexpected from coach k. and the band.  i mean, c’mon: other music directors might want the crowd humming tunes and tapping toes as they exit the aisles, not flipping on their iphones and asking siri to find a suicide hotline.  but maestro carlos isn’t one to conform or coddle – he more often chooses to defy and challenge instead.  after the oregon symphony’s first classical program of 2012/13 came to a close, what was there left to do but ponder its incredible range of emotion?  emerging from the schnitz, with an air of finality lingering in the autumnal night, my tiny beaver heart swirled with rhapsodic swedes, mozart-ian genius, midwestern drips, dismaying dances, and my tiny beaver mind obsessed over one single thought: more! more! more!


1 Response to “dancing with the stars – part IV”

  1. 1 David September 28, 2012 at 10:58 am

    It was an excellent concert Monday night, all around, and reading your thoughts on all the different aspects of it was a great way to remember it all and to reinforce how fortunate we are to live here and have so many riches.

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