dancing with the stars – part III

the pantheon of classical composers is a bit overpopulated by germans and austrians hailing from the 18th or 19th century.  i’m not judging, i’m just stating a fact.  that’s why it’s always a bit refreshing to discover someone like *andrew norman – a composer who happens to have been born in grand rapids, michigan in 1979.  [midwest, represent!]  for their inaugural program, the oregon symphony welcomed the crowd back from intermission with a 4-minute sonic blast created by mr. norman in 2005 entitled drip, blip, sparkle, spin, glint, glide, glow, float, flop, chop, pop, shatter, splash.  the beavs knew absolutely nothing about this particular composition, but did know that everytime (seriously, every time) the band decides to bust out a contemporary piece, the occasion is special and subsequently unforgettable.  whether we’re talking about phenomenon by prangcharoen or city noir by adams or phaethon by rouse, every damn postmodern work this rodent gets to hear is freaking miraculous.  the tradition held true monday night with our orchestra’s mindblowing performance of drip – a symphonic salad of sound reminiscent of a deconstructed tom and jerry cartoon soundtrack on acid.  um, did team viola replace their bows with hacksaws for this number?!  [i mean that as a compliment.]  wowee!


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