what’s on tap?

this saturday, sunday, and monday the oregon symphony sports their inaugural program of 2012/13.  after ironically celebrating the autumnal equinox with a swedish midsummer rhapshody, the band welcomes jon kimura parker to the steinway for mozart’s glorious piano concerto #20.  the program concludes with a 2005 sonic nugget from american composer andrew norman and the symphonic dances of mr. sergei rachmaninoff.

why go?  well, this rodent happens to think a live performance of any mozart piano concerto oughtta be on everyone’s bucket list, and wolfie’s number twenty is a wickedly sublime choice indeed.  and as if you needed more incentive, the band is gonna open up a can of symphonic whoop-ass with rachmaninoff’s dances – a composition that keyboardist j. k. parker suspects “…may be the most exciting moment in all of orchestral music.”  what?  still not sold?!  okay, here’s the clincher: the above-mentioned 21st-century ditty by andy norman is entitled drip, blip, sparkle, spin, glint, glide, glow, float, flop, chop, pop, shatter, splash.  (seriously)  that’s what i thought ~ see you there!

stop in the downtown box office at ninth and washington or *go online and snag some tix now.

p.s. these concerts will be the only time all season you’ll get to hear our brilliant associate concertmaster peter frajola sing the national anthem… while playing the fiddle!


2 Responses to “what’s on tap?”

  1. 2 Olin Williams September 21, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    I will hunt you up and say “hey” at the performance!

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