what i learned over summer vacation (2012 edition)

#10 ~ i learned what heaven will be like, reading walt whitman while perched on the dry side of wy’east.

#9 ~ i learned the marketing team at portland youth philharmonic creates the most beautiful brochures.  seriously.

#8 ~ i learned (once again) that buying 24 pounds of sweet home ranch apricots is a perfect way to begin one’s summer.

#7 ~ i learned that crashing a baby shower can result in a long, long night of utter and complete debauchery.

#6 ~ i learned the only possible way for alpine lupin to smell any sweeter is to be humming mahler 1 while inhaling.

#5 ~ i learned that powerful feelings of determination and empowerment can be fostered by the simple act of painting a door bright red.

#4 ~ i learned there is a bird called a merlin – and witnessing it dart about in acrobatic attack mode atop east zigzag mountain at dusk inspires neck-craning awe.

#3 ~ i learned that following the cleveland indians play baseball is highly addictive.  at least through july.

#2 ~ i learned the entire history of movie-making has been leading up to one, perfectly crafted film: moonrise kingdom.

#1 ~ i learned absolutely nothing compares to the thrill of a federal postal carrier hand-delivering your official oregon symphony 2012/13 season ticket package.


2 Responses to “what i learned over summer vacation (2012 edition)”

  1. 1 Slim Timba September 14, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Yea! Beavy is back! I assume #11 would have been “Starships and Stupid Hoe are the most sick music videos of the past year”.
    Gotta give Nicki some love!

  2. 2 Nancy Ives (@cellonancy) September 14, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    Lovely! Maestro Rodent, it’s evident that the summer didn’t tarnish your silver tongue or dull your keen wit — heartfelt, never saccharine. :>)

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