summertime, and the livin’ is easy

a quick natural science lesson for those of you who may not be completely familiar with the rare classical beaver [castor canadensis classicus]: while the creature regularly spends fall-winter-spring near heavily populated italian rococo revival theaters, summer is typically a time of migration for this largest of rodents.  areas of travel during the warmer months include, but are not limited to, the columbia river gorge, the shores of the pacific, and various bars on southeast foster.

but before ol’ beavey squeezes into its summertime speedos, some gratitude: big thanks to everyone who reads this ridiculous blog.  simply put, it wouldn’t exist without you.  seriously.  the irreverent reviews… the cheeky interviews… the investigative reporting… all for you, gentle reader, all for you.  and big, big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on a post or to “like” the beavs on facebook or to follow this rodent on twitter.  seriously.  the extra-curricular community that is blossoming is super exciting, and i highly encourage you to join the fun (if you like fun, that is).  and big, big, big thanks to everyone who chose to donate to the blog.  seriously.  willingly handing over your hard-earned money is like the upper echelon of encouragement, and it really means a lot.  if you like what you’ve read this season, please think of that paypal button as the official tip jar ~ all proceeds are guaranteed to bring back a bigger and badder beaver next season.  and as a thank you gift, everyone who donates will get a tiny, kick-ass button featuring the new cb logo.  (that’s right: schwag!)

lastly, but certainly not leastly: the biggest, stiffest waffle-tail salute goes out to maestro carlos and the incredible musicians of the oregon symphony for a mind-blowing season of staggering genius.  seriously.  2011/12 was positively filled to the proverbial brim with rare musical gems, world-renowned soloists, and some of the greatest hits from the last 300 years of humanity.  i drank it all up, because listening to you is always a thrill.  always.  even though these next few months might be filled with the occasional pop dalliances of ben folds, kanye, and arcade fire, trust me: the classical beaver is already looking forward to p-town’s best unplugged indie band in 2012/13.  happy summer vay-kay!  y’all have certainly earned it.


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