if you’re happy and you know it – part IV

monday night drew to a rousing close with the scherzo capriccioso, a work composed back in 1883 by czech superstar antonín dvořák.  [btw, “scherzo” is just a fancy-pants word for “crazy dance number in 3/4 time” – got it?]  anywhose, this lil’ number was essentially a dreamy waltz and a defiant polka the band bounced back and forth amongst each other like a pair of orchestral volleyballs.  for good reason, the work has been a crowd pleaser from its inception; case in point: uncle antonín’s scherzo appeared 11 times during the first 25 years of chicago symphony subscription concerts.  [and folks bitch about the “overplayed” tchaikovsky ~ sheesh!]  after several encounters now with this composer, i’ve come to think of dvořák as the garrison keillor of classical music… always ready to induce a chuckle and warm your heart with his unabashed wholesomeness.  the horns under captain cox were undeniably clear and clean, and the bang-bang boys of percussion once again earned their keep with the gorgeously stripped-down sound of triangle, bass drum, and cymbals.  a raised glass of pilsner urquell to you all – na zdravy!

oh.  before this penultimate review is kaput, ol’ beavey is compelled to send out a huge-ass waffle-tail salute to the oregon symphony’s associate concertmaster mr. peter frajola.  a year ago, when jun donned his cowboy hat and bid farewell to portland, peter stepped up and has helped lead the band with his usual grace, aplomb, and technical brilliance.  i’ll tell you what: our current orchestra lineup is kinda like the ’98 atlanta braves pitching rotation ~ even if greg maddux gets traded to another team, we’ve still got tom glavine, steve avery, or john smoltz to take the mound.  wowee!

p.s. ~ what’s on tap for tomorrow’s post?  the beav’s final what’s on tap? for 2011/12, that’s what.  unbelievable.  [sniff]


1 Response to “if you’re happy and you know it – part IV”

  1. 1 Dave Partridge May 18, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Yay for Peter! …and he’s a local guy. He and I grew up in Salem, and both played in the Salem Jr. Symphony.

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