concession stand

dear beaver army: i’m temporarily suspending my campaign to become spring for music’s #1 arts blog so i can spend more time with my family.  [um, alright: that’s a lie.]  truth of the matter is, after the votes were tallied and the judges deliberated, this blog did not survive the cut into the festival’s final four round.  i suppose biting sarcasm and crazy syntax can only get you so far in this world.  nevertheless, no sad faces!  although the national title would have been totes sweet, the classical beaver enjoyed the thrilling excitement of the national challenge and a whole bunch of new readers found their way to the blog.  all in all, not too shabby.  and speaking of readers… the biggest waffle-tail salute imaginable goes out to the many folks who cast their ballots throughout the contest and helped get the vote out in a myriad of ways.  ol’ beavey made it to the top 10 only with your support ~ thank you, thank you, thank you!  your insane encouragement has strengthened this rodent’s resolve to bring you the most informative and fun blog completely dedicated to the oregon symphony, like ever.

stay tuned tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming.  oh, and if you haven’t (yet) checked out the hat-trick of interviews this week (tony morris!  sharon isbin!  carlos miguel prieto!), they come highly recommended by yours truly.


1 Response to “concession stand”

  1. 1 Slim Timba April 13, 2012 at 9:40 am

    “so i can spend more time with my family…” I got all excited there for a minute that this meant you were going to start playing Star Wars Monopoly with me!

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