up for a challenge (yet again!)

Many countries have ministries of culture.  Does America need a Secretary of Culture or Secretary of the Arts?  Why or why not?

hell nowhy?  well, the ‘merican flag pin on my lapel should be reason enough, but i’ll go ahead and spell it out for you: this is the good ol’ u. s. of a., where big gub’mint is evil and corporations are people, my friend.  artsy/fartsy ministers belong in those tiny, civilized, socialist countries over in europe where they think luxuries like education and healthcare should just be given out willy nilly to everyone.

[ahem…]  okay, before all my left-wing readers denounce me as a tea-baggin’ beaver, i’ll drop the creepy jingoistic façade.  but my answer remains negatory, good buddy.  i’m not so much ideologically opposed to the new cabinet position, it’s just that i’m trying to be a realist in terms of what our federal government has become.  unfortunately *president eisenhower’s infamous prediction turned out to be perfectly prophetic ~ 50 years after general ike’s warning, american politicians have indeed become financial wetnurses for a military/industrial complex of unimaginable proportions, ultimately beholden to big business and the bottom line.  a secretary of culture may seem appealing at first blush… sounds real good, right?  my inner cynic, however, starts to ruminate over secretaries of agriculture who see no problem with pink slime in school lunches, or secretaries of the interior who manage the subsidized commercial logging of our national forests, and i start to reconsider.  how long before a hypothetical secretary of culture starts to award millions of taxpayer dollars to time-warner-disney-clear-channel-nbc in the name of promoting committee-approved, watered-down culture?

jeez-louise, the beavs is starting to sound like a real downer.  all’s i’m sayin’ is it would be infinitely more effective to forego any congressional appointment hearings (especially in this time of renewed culture wars!) and start seeing ourselves as ministers of the arts in very real terms.  we already have extremely powerful voting tools called wallets and purses; i suggest we use them wisely with purpose and conviction.  looking to buy your favorite niece a birthday gift?  maybe bypassing a barbie and buying a Beethoven box set is in order.  wondering whether or not to renew that magazine subscription?  perhaps it’s time to ditch us weekly and join your local, member-supported classical radio station instead.  is your wedding anniversary just around the corner?  please consider a nice dinner and symphony concert instead of a blood diamond tennis bracelet.

[damn, why did the challenge question have to be political?!  there goes the classical beaver’s votes from the 1%.  oh well – you may not agree with me, but at least you know where this rodent stands.]


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