up for a challenge

new york has long been considered the cultural capital of america.  is it still?

now before all you snarky readers get to calling ol’ beavey king of the non sequiturs or something even more clever, let me explain why i’m tackling this rather random thesis today.  a little while back elaine calder (the fearless executive leader of the oregon symphony) put out an a.p.b. for hometown bloggers to enter the arts blogger challenge sponsored by the *spring for music festival.  to put it simply: when the president calls, this rodent responds.  it is definitely worth clicking on my link to the festival, not so much to read the rules of the blogging contest, but to see the glorious faces of charles, joël, and coach kalmar immediately pop up accompanied by a kickass quote from alex ross (yes, that alex ross) extolling the undeniable virtues of p-town’s oldest and best indie band.  [i’ve caught myself just sitting here refreshing the page over and over… it never gets old!]  anywho, if the classical beaver makes it through to the next round, it’s gonna have to interrupt our regular oso programming to tackle another soon-to-be-announced topic.  but in the meantime, onto my compelling response:

new york has long been considered the cultural capital of america.  is it still?

hmmm… new york city unfortunately lost that national title in 1995 when the rock and roll hall of fame opened its doors in cleveland, and furthermore…  {ahem}  describing this question as an underhanded softball pitch is a woeful understatement (perhaps “wiffleball tee-ball query” is more accurate).  um, let’s see: is the pope german?  is rick santorum gonna be playing with a damn etch-a-sketch until june?  is new york still the cultural capital of america?  the answer to all of the above, gentle reader, is an unequivocal and resounding yes, yes, yes.  according to the contest’s stated rules, this post will be judged partly on the compelling nature of my argument, but that’s like trying to compellingly argue that grass is green and the sky is blue.  look here: as long as america exists, new york city – in all its insanely diverse and wickedly vibrant glory – will forever be this country’s cultural capital.  period.  any supposed arts blogger who attempts to convince readers otherwise should be immediately disqualified from this challenge.  and c’mon… if any writer out there feels the need to compel their audience to believe in new york’s cultural supremacy with lame facts or boring figures or general whatnot, i offer one simple word of advice: fuhgeddaboudit.


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