spring break giveaway!!! (day 2!)

well folks, hold on to your mai tais: the classical beaver’s 2nd annual spring break giveaway continues in grand style!  everyone at the home office is tingling with anticipation as we pull back curtain #2 to reveal this fantabulous prize… an invitation for you and a friend to join an upcoming *party of note!  that’s right, here’s your chance to check out some symphony musicians all up-close-and-personal-like.  worried you’ve got nothing to wear?  okay, the beavs will also throw in an all-classical 89.9 baseball cap and a gift certificate worth 20% off your next purchase at *radish underground (my totes fave place to go for independent fashion and art in p-town).  simply send ol’ beavey an email with the phrase beaver underground in the subject line before midnight tonight and you’ll be in the running for this swellegant prize.  oh, yeah: cb@classicalbeaver.com ~ good luck!


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