the people’s divaville

even though the beav found itself perched aloft in the upper balcony (above the schnitzer chandeliers!), absolutely nothing could have prevented the soaring voice of renée fleming from dreamily working its way into my tiny heart last night.  the populist soprano did not disappoint her multitudes, offering a very varied musical buffet that only she could have pulled off.  her graciousness clearly extended itself not only to the audience but to the band, to whom she apparently (and appropriately) dedicated a 3-song set of karaoke tunes during the second half of the show.  [the surreal image of blue-haired matrons attempting to follow death cab for cutie lyrics printed inside the program is an image with definite staying power.]  ms. fleming knew darn well, however, that the crowd forked over more-than-a-little moolah for some arias, and she ended the show with an operatic slew of ‘em (to the total delight of all).  despite my altimeter readings, her voice registered as clear and pure perfection.

and the band?  oh, you know… they totes killed it.  the trio of overtures (berlioz!  bernstein!  korngold!) were more colorful than a dozen voodoo donuts and ravel’s shéhérazade gave ample opportunity for jess and kyle to really, really blow it (in a really, really good way).  big beavertail salutes also go out to sergio on cymbals, to todd on bass clarinet, to játtik for bustin’ out his cimbasso, and to vio for picking up maestro sebastian’s mess when his baton wielding went wild.

and did my beady lil’ eyes deceive me?  was that jun iwasaki in da’ house checking in on his ol’ bandmates?!  s’wonderful to see him in the schnitz once again…


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