leap to it!

the classical beaver is a fan of classical radio (a real shocker, i know).  luckily, p-town’s very own 89.9 is always there to give the beav its fix when there’s no oregon symphony show going on.  today begins all-classical fm’s spring pledge drive, and since top 10 lists have been clinically proven to dramatically increase motivation, here’s half-a-score of reasons to give to ac/fm right now:

#10 ~ ed goldberg just says the darndest things.

#9 ~ i’m able to listen to an entire mahler symphony without having to adjust my stereo’s volume control 57 times.

#8 ~ if you listen religiously to classical guitar alive on sunday mornings like i do, it’s not a donation to the station – it’s a tithe.

#7 ~ no horrible commercials.  nope, not one.  like, never.

#6 ~ music director john pitman happens to be an x-man whose mutant powers include knowing exactly what you want to hear at any given moment on any given day.

#5 ~ oh my, the midnight-1am hour with andrea murray.  wow

#4 ~ lots of shows claim to play music you won’t hear anywhere else, but club mod actually delivers on that promise.  john adams?  contemporary turkish music?  tom waits?  check, check, and check.

#3 ~ the studio shelves at all classical hold approximately 3.7 billion albums, thoroughly embarrassing your measly ipod.

#2 ~ john burk.  period.

#1 ~ all-classical fm is quite simply the most kick-ass classical radio station on the planet.  seriously.  and they’re right here in pdx – a jewel in the crown of stumpland (i’m pretty sure they’re the sapphire-looking one, right next to the microbrew ruby and farmers market emerald).  if you haven’t given them a listen, do yourself a favor and tune in now.  if you’re already a fan, for the love of god: give ‘em some moolah!  fork it overpony up!  leap to it!  *call or click today ~ and tell ‘em the beaver sent you!


2 Responses to “leap to it!”

  1. 2 jack allen March 5, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    i agree…with the whole dern list! thank you!!

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