michele mariotti tackles 5 questions

even though the beavs simply cannot get enough of coach kalmar on the podium, it’s equally thrilling whenever a guest conductor gets to share the schnitzer stage.  and oh my, i am really looking forward to checking out this next guy in a few days.  like, really.  gentle beaver readers, allow me to introduce you to the pride of pesaro: *maestro michele mariotti

the 3 concerts you’ll be conducting feature a ballet score from mozart along with antonín dvořák’s slavonic dances ~ what do you think of this pairing?

I liked the idea of having dances at the beginning and at the end of the concert as a frame… Mozart and Dvořák are two completely different worlds, and different kinds of languages, and for this reason I thought to join them together.  The Slavonic Dances are the expression of a central European culture… the music is full of joy, and at the same time, great melancholy.

whoa: you were born and raised in the same town as the great gioachino rossini.  [sigh…]  any thoughts on his music?

Rossini’s music is so difficult to play and understand because it looks so simple… he was a genius, and his music was so modern.

amen, maestro!  so what’s so great about hearing classical music live?

I think there exists only beautiful music and bad music, regardless of the kind of music.  You have to hear and follow what your body, your impressions, your sensibility suggests to you.

nice.  hey, if you could invite 3 composers to dinner, who would you choose?

Mahler, Rossini, and Mozart… I’ll cook for them at home.

mama mia ~ be sure to make extra if uncle gioachino’s comin’ over!  just for sharing that sweet guest list, let me buy you a drink: what’ll you have?

Whisky, I’m a collectionist – smoked whisky above all.

yay!  alright, the first round of talisker 10 is on me (and then we can break into your talisker 25).  maestro michele, i can’t wait for these weekend concerts.  it’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you ~ grazie!


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