charlie hales tackles 10 questions

why i love portland [reason #374]: a semi-aquatic, über-toothed, politically active rodent gets to interview an honest-to-god mayoral candidate on its classical music blog.  keeping it weird, indeed!  taking a time-out from all the hand-shaking and baby-kissing, charlie hales was kind (and brave) enough to tackle a slew of mostly fair and somewhat balanced questions from the beav:

charlie, please allow me to be perfectly frank: i’m interested in voting for the most progressive mayoral candidate.  are you that person?

YES – I’m an unabashed believer in the common good, and have shown that in all my work on our great parks, in expanding our system of buses and trains, and in fighting to keep great public schools.

ironically, i kinda like that you used all caps back there.  so, how do you think sam adams has done as mayor?

I agree with a lot of his policies, especially his commitment to the arts and his belief in the importance of education.  I will focus better, and build more partnerships, in order to get more done.

ah, getting more done… i really like the sound of that!  alright, here’s a toughie: what 3 words best describe portland?

Neighborhoods.  Livability.  Beer.

sweet!  i’m not even sure what i think of it, but what do you think of the occupy movement?

An uprising and cry for help for the beleaguered American Middle Class, and the idea that this land is our land.  But the movement needs to turn to real action in Congress where the only lasting change can be made.

i read community policing would be a focus for you as mayor… could you say a few words about this?

I can say a lot more than a few, but I’ll restrain myself.  I’m a passionate believer in this model of policing, in which officers spend less time chasing calls and more time: (1) working on crime prevention, (2) coordinating with specific neighborhoods, and (3) patrolling on foot or on bicycles, where that is practical.

warning: non sequitor!  if you could invite 3 portlanders for dinner, who would you choose and where would you go?

Thomas Lauderdale, Simon Benson, and Ursula LeGuin.  Beaker and Flask for drinks and Beast for dinner (hey, if you get to take THAT group out, you should splurge!).

oh, the bubbler guy ~ nice!  perhaps the conversation at beast will turn to the planned columbia river crossing… what do you think about this project?

A new bridge is needed, and light rail toVancouver is, too.  But the project needs to be realistic in scale to the funds that will be available.  I think it’s getting there.

i suppose i should ask you at least one classical music query.  um, have you checked out the oregon symphony lately?

I’m a high school and college band kid who has a lifelong love for classical music.  Nancy and I were just there for that amazing performance of Haydn’s Creation.

ooh, you may have won the beaver’s vote just on the strength of that one response ~ viva papa haydn!  let me buy you a drink – whadya having?

A Perfect Rob Roy or a Hair of the Dog beer.

cheers!  okay, last question already: me and my better half are midwestern transplants who moved to stumpland within the last decade.  we are totes not alone ~ what do you want to say to all us newcomers/exiles?

Stay!  Get involved!  Make this an even better place! Portland is a place that is young enough in years and in spirit that it can be shaped in the present day, not just by past decisions.

done!  well charlie, i can’t even imagine what your day planner looks like these days.  wowee, thank you sooo much for the interview… and best of luck to you come may!

beaver readers: if you’re interested in learning more about charlie and his campaign to be the next mayor of our fair city, check out his (rather beautiful) website by *clicking here.


1 Response to “charlie hales tackles 10 questions”

  1. 1 Crystal Benson February 24, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Nicely done, Brian. Thank you for the introduction to Mr. Hales.

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