you say goodbye and i say hello – part II

at first glance, the opening half of monday night’s progam seemed more celtic than michael flatley listening to enya while sipping guinness in a dublin pub on march 17th.  but c’mon… don’t let all those hunt the squirrel and scottish fantasy titles fool you – the evening continued to be a showcase for beautiful contradictions and surprising combinations.  i mean, where else are you gonna hear a killer musical postcard of the highlands composed by a german (and dedicated to a spaniard), showcasing a korean-german-ukrainian-american fiddler (who encored a nocturne penned by a pole-turned-frenchman), backed by a band that’s as diverse as the u.n. and conducted by a hungarian?  world music, indeed.

and, oh my: what about mr. stefan jackiw?!  [please, tell me you were there.  please.]  yo, the 20-sumpin’ fiddlin’ phenom took bruch’s fantasy and just laid out some of the sickest violin you’d ever wanna hear, i’ll tell you what.  yowza!  here’s what i witnessed: this lanky, floppy-haired, black-clad angel rooted his exceedingly shiny shoes to the schnitzer stage and somehow channeled a portion of this planet’s magical life-force directly into a violin and an 18th-century voirin bow.  i couldn’t take my eyes off him.  his technical perfection was jaw-dropping and he displayed an intensely emotional spectrum ranging from heavenly ecstasy to hillbilly/grunge (and making stops at all points in between).  easily one of the most heart-breaking, mind-blowing performances of any arts season in p-town.  seriously.  stefan, i raise a wee dram of lagavulin 16 in your general direction: cheers and thanks for one helluva kilt-lifting show!


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