you say goodbye and i say hello – part I

hey, when a program ends with an overture and begins with an elegy, i suppose it’s wise to expect the unexpected.  last night’s oregon symphony concert came fully loaded with beautiful contradictions and surprising combinations, somehow coming together in a way that sent me home thinking (once more): i just saw the best show of the year.  things kicked off with a work composed by benjamin britten, and (like the music of gustav mahler) i have found that nothing can prepare me for uncle benny’s uniquely brilliant orchestration and unabashed emotional self-disclosure.  [btw, ever since the sinfonia da requiem on last year’s carnegie hall program, the band has been on a veritable britten bender, and this rodent is absolutely loving the ride.]  suite on english folk tunes is the last orchestral piece the ever-wistful britten got to write, and dear god, it is so beautiful in so many ways.  jon greeney’s slightly ominous timpani shots announced our departure down memory lane, and for the next 15 minutes, the schnitzer crowd was treated to some mind-blowing music that deftly alternated between symphonic and solo virtuosity.  a slew of paddle tail salutes are now in order: one for the evening’s concertmaster peter frajola (sweet!), one for principal harp jennifer ironside (nice!), one for flute-goddess alicia didonato paulsen (wow!), and one for kyle “lord melbourne” mustain who (once again!) managed to break my tiny heart with his unearthly english horn.  the night was just beginning, but i already felt like i got my money’s worth… jesus h. christ, there’s no other way to say it: this band is the bomb.


1 Response to “you say goodbye and i say hello – part I”

  1. 1 Abby Dawson February 7, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Your words were right-on, and thanks for giving kudos to the deserving Peter, Alicia, Jon, & Kyle. They were terrific! ~Abby Dawson

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