it’s not goodbye yet

shortly after the beavs mentioned the need for an official matt mckay fan club, the wunderkind percussionist announced he was leaving the band and heading 3,116 miles east to boston.  sure hope that was a coincidence.  i decided to get a hold of mr. mckay while the gettin’ was still good:

well matt, the i’m certainly eager to hear you in next week’s suite on english folk tunes ~ what do you think of uncle benny’s composition?

As I’m typing, I am hearing this music for the first time!  Britten has placed these traditional English folk songs into a more dense sonic landscape, and the result is quite effective.  He is so consistently extreme in his compositional style – there are moments of intense percussive power, contrasted by moments where he essentially creates a wide sea of sound.  That contrast is part of what makes Britten so initially appealing to audiences, and the folk aspect of this piece will make it more accessible to those new to classical music.

amen, brother!  so, what’s the one work this season you’re really, really, really stoked about playing?

Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring has always been a favorite of mine and I’m already getting excited to work with Carlos on it.  It’s totally barbaric, and a thrill to be on stage while the music is taking place.  I can’t wait!

me neither!  okay, last query: considering the recent success of the carnegie concert and the album release, i’m guessing it’s a particularly good time to be a member of the band ~ how did this figure into your decision to move to beantown?

The Oregon Symphony is one of the best orchestras in the country, and like you said, this is such an exciting time to be a part of it.  With more recording on the horizon, and another trip to New York next year, things are only getting better around here.  That makes it all the more difficult to leave in the summer. But with my family on the east coast, and Boston being somewhat of a home for me and my fiancée, it is the right decision for us to head back.  I’m already looking forward to coming back to Portland to visit!

well, on behalf of everyone here at the home office, you’re always welcome to crash at our dam.  thanks matt!


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