i believe in miracles – part III

at its core, the creation is simply the most wonderful interplay of orchestra and chorus and 3 solo voices.  so on top of the miraculous performance from the guys and gals of the p-town symphonic choir, the schnitzer crowd got to ooh and ahh over some unearthly vocal fireworks provided by a trio of guest soloists.  and while the angelic threesome dutifully described the creation of the entire friggin’ universe in parts one and two of haydn’s oratorio, during intermission the soprano and bass got to take off their wings and strip down to their birthday suits (figuratively speaking, of course).  adam and eve  were now in da’ house, perfectly incarnated by mr. ben wager and ms. elizabeth keusch.  and in a stroke of ingenious inventiveness, papa haydn decides the music should change costumes as well – the opening and middle sections clearly wear their handelian finery, but the final chapter is much closer in style to light italian opera than biblical baroque.  in lieu of another big bang, the band opens part three of the creation with a gentle breeze and lets the audience slip into the garden of eden undetected, allowing our voyeuristic tendencies to run free as the first human love story unfolds before our ears. oh my, that duet!  ben and liz (both appropriately wearing their best “oh” faces) began exchanging these über-romantic lyrics back and forth, growing in intensity, until… until… a mutual climactic conclusion was reached.  wunderbar, indeed.  [psst – your fig leaf is on backwards.]  the beaver sincerely hopes you got in on the action during this two-night stand.  wow.  viva la papa!  viva la papa!  viva la papa!


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