what’s on tap?

old people are hot right now.  i mean, look: at 76, woody allen just created one of his best flicks with midnight in paris.  at 70, paul simon just created one of his best albums with so beautiful or so what.  and perhaps the most convincing argument: helen mirren is somehow (mildly) sexually appealing to this particular rodent.  old people are hot right now, so the band’s performance of the creation this weekend is perfectly timed with our current geriatric zeitgeist.  at 66 (which was like being a hundred in the 18th century!), joe haydn had nothing to prove.  he had already composed 104 symphonies (not to mention the gazillion other things he wrote) and was the absolute reigning king of european pop.  his amazing output basically defined what classical music was (and is); nevertheless, there seems to be remarkably universal agreement the creation is papa haydn’s supreme masterpiece.  even Beethoven thought it was the shit: when a 29-year-old LvB presented his first piano concerto in vienna, he included a pair of hot numbers from the creation on the program! 

okay, before the beavs begins to hyperventilate, let me hand the laptop over to coach kalmar who will answer one of my burning questions: maestro, can you even imagine what folks in 1798 thought of papa haydn’s intro to this composition?!  it’s so unbelievably bold!  what is it like to conduct these fifty-some bars?

The start of The Creation, meaning the description of Chaos, is one of the most adventurous works of music I know.  I have no real sense of how people must have felt at the time they heard this music for the first time, but it still astonishes how a composer can even attempt to write something as that with the “classical” architectural form.  Those 59 bars are astounding!  And the rest of the piece is great too!!!

alright folks, maestro carlos just used 3 exclamation points.  if you don’t have tickets already for tomorrow or sunday’s show, that’s okay, mommy’s not mad… just call (503) 228-1353 or *click here to rectify the situation.  like right now.

oh, and y’all be sure to come back tomorrow when the classical beaver chats with not one, not two, but three (three!) outrageously wonderful archangels.  viva la papa!


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