it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s supertitles!

alright, so haydn’s “creation” is gonna be sung in german this weekend.  does this mean we gotta sit in a lit schnitz and hear program pages rustled throughout the concert?  i’m pleased as punch to report that’s a big phat negatory, good buddy!  the upcoming p-town performances will feature the futuristic miracle of classical technology known as supertitles.  i asked elaine calder, the band’s president, for her 2 cents on the matter (which is approximately 0.0203138 canadian):

Supertitles.  Or as they were originally known: Surtitles.  Where do I stand?  Proudly behind them.  Although I had nothing to do with their creation, my former employer, the Canadian Opera Company, introduced them – for the very first time, anywhere in the world – in January 1983 for their production of Richard Strauss’ Elektra.  So they wave the maple leaf of Canada.  Are they expensive? Yes, and of course they need an additional technician to run them at every performance as well.  There is some debate, as some audience members find them distracting and they can destroy the impact of a punch line in the original language.  The Met came up with the back of seat option, which is discreet and can be turned on or off, but is even more expensive.  But having supertitles available sure beats going to hear a Russian opera company perform in Athens, as I once did, and having to sit through a 20 minute explanation in Greek of what was to follow in Russian.

πολύ καλή ~ σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις πληροφορίες! τα μέρη της αγάπης, της κλασικής κάστορας …


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