saved by the bell

now, if someone asked the beavs to name the top 3 most-thrilling moments for violin & orchestra, it would finally have an answer: #1 has to be tchaikovsky’s opening movement for his (only) violin concerto, #2 is Beethoven’s final movement for his (only) violin concerto, and the newly-crowned #3 is what josh bell & the band played last night at the arlene schnitzer concert hall: the final movement of the (only) violin concerto composed by jo-jo brahms.  and i have to confess the thrill-factor was most certainly upped yesterday by the presence of the most famous fiddler on the planet: mr. joshua bell.  when this violinst’s name is on the program, not even the looming threat of sno-pocalypse 2012 could prevent a packed schnitz.  and for very good reason: the guy is very fucking good.  like, great.  like, um… like stephen-hough good.  [yes, that good.]  jesus h. christ, monday night was the last performance of a four-day gig and it was delightfully obvious that bell and the band were pouring out everything they had to give both technically and emotionally for this sublime music.  not to mention the brassy fireworks of the second half’s brilliant handel/janáček mashup.  and carlos was conducting.  and it was (finally) time to officially introduce the band’s brand new flute captain, ms. jessica sindell.  [c-town, represent!]  wow, please tell me you were there.  please?


4 Responses to “saved by the bell”

  1. 1 Evelyn Fortier January 17, 2012 at 10:26 am

    I find your posts interesting and informative. But I think you should be able to communicate your enthusiasm without using language which some of us older folks find objectionable. I agree that Bell is great, but I think there are other violinists who are equally good but for reason or another do not get the publicity they deserve, at least not around here. Leonidas Kavakos comes to mind.

  2. 3 Jeannine January 18, 2012 at 12:45 am

    My favorite piece last night was the Janacek which I thought was exciting and the orchestra sounded so tight. I still had the theme going through my head on the way home. On MAX in the same car with other strangers from the audience I asked them if they liked the last piece. Polite murmurs of agreement. Then one man mentioned that he spoke with one of the cellists before the concert and was told to save his money he spent on this concert and instead come back to hear the Dvorak. The rest of us in the train thought that perhaps the brass section would disagree with this. Although now I think cellist was comparing soloists.

  3. 4 JS January 18, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    C town represent beavs! Thanks for attending the concert!

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