paying attention

42 days.  man, it’s been 42 days since my last oregon symphony concert, and i’m totally jonesin’ for a major hit of strings and winds and brass and drums.  tonight’s concert could feature kenny g as soloist – i’d still be looking forward to it.  but no, tonight is like the total opposite… tonight is joshua freakin’ bell.  and i keep on thinking how lucky i am to follow a band where josh bell is sitting in this month, pinchas zukerman sat in last month, and itzhak perlman will be sitting in next month.  um, that’s pretty much the current holy trinity of violin gods right here in stumpland ~ yowza!  and even though the great oz doesn’t want this rodent to pay the slightest bit of attention to that guy behind the curtain, i’m gonna.  after all, the beautiful men and women behind the schnitzer’s red velvet are the folks who (quite literally) set the stage for such magic.  so, to president elaine, charles, susan, mary, anne, monica, bridget, martha, sarah, laura, molly, jim, shannon, kirsten, janet, dave, kathryn, and all the kick-ass folks behind the giant curtain, we here at the classical beaver home office give you a rousing ovation.  you totally deserve it.


1 Response to “paying attention”

  1. 1 The Classical Mallard January 16, 2012 at 10:33 am

    The Mallard agrees and would also like to point out that the board isn’t a bunch of nimrods (a la Louisville, Detroit & Philly).

    JBell killed the Brahms… his cadenzas were particularly a treat. The Mallard will be there tonight for a second listen.

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