dmitri delayed

i suspect that a good chunk of ticketholders for joshua bell this weekend aren’t even aware that he was originally set to play a violin concerto by dmitri shostakovich (instead of the brahms now gracing the program).  according to the oregon symphony, the official word is mr. bell wanted to “synch up his performance rep with his busy touring schedule.”  the beaver prefers the unofficial press release entitled: joshua bell is human!  c’mon folks, the guy is scheduled to perform well over 20 concerts this month and next, globetrotting from texas to new jersey to d.c. to california to chicago to florida to england to spain… oh, and he just released another album yesterday (he’s got close to 40 under his louis vuitton belt now).  i’m fully prepared to cut josh some slack, especially since he’ll be playing 4 nights in a row with our band ~ a real honor rarer than a hummer in southeast portland.  seriously.  for all you die-hard dmitri-heads out there who need their fix, the beavs will now calmly direct you to *this album featuring a stellar shostakovich sonata played by [noneother than] cellist alban gerhardt and pianist steven osborne, both of whom took solo turns with the band back in november.  it’s like a couple of avengers teaming up to fight crime… only there’s no crime involved, and instead of transforming into a muscular green monster or wielding a sledgehammer named mjolnir, one plays the cello and the other plays the piano.  really, really, really well.  enjoy!


1 Response to “dmitri delayed”

  1. 1 Jordan Lewis January 11, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Holy Shit! An Avengers reference in a classical music blog post. I must have died and gone to heaven…You Da Man!

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