i like big brains and i can not lie

y’know, emily was right to describe maestro carlos as intuitive, precise, and expressive.  but perhaps she was being a bit too coy… the guy is actually super-intuitive, crazy-precise, and scary-expressive.  i suspect that ms. cole would lose her job if she ever let on about coach kalmar’s little secret.  well, this loose-lipped beaver is about to spill the proverbial beans, and i cracked the code with the help of a little tool called google translator.  while the cb investigative journalistic team was perusing spanish websites, they came across an article from a few months ago written when kalmar became *the new music director of a major orchestra in madrid.  it reads rather mundanely ~ until a shocking quote from choir director jordi casas.  mr. casas finally reveals all when he describes carlos as having “one of the largest brains to design programs.”  a-hah!  this explains why carlos has been letting his hair grow out: his brain is expanding.  it also makes sense why he’d take this new gig in europe, where they are way more accepting of someone with an abnormally large frontal cortex.  obviously more inquiry and analysis is required, but for now my working hypothesis is that prolonged exposure to the amazingly fresh pacific northwest air has something to do with it…


1 Response to “i like big brains and i can not lie”

  1. 1 Jordan Lewis January 10, 2012 at 10:02 am

    At least with the long hair we don’t have to see those pulsing blue veins in his abnormally large prefrontal cortex…you other brothers can’t deny!

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