the envelope, please

well faithful readers, we’ve just about made it to the new year, so you know what that means: the *2011 golden tail awards!  every december, we here at the classical beaver home office gather ‘round the yule log (all-mclaughlin-group-like) and hash out the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the heap of this past year’s oregon symphony classical concerts.  after much civilized debate and uncivilized fisticuffs, here are our picks for most spine-tingling moments of twenty-eleven:

fourth runner-up: may 23rd – niel and matt shaking their groove thang with flamingo, giving us the most ultimate tandem tambourine recital (like, ever)

third runner-up: november 7th – scottish sensation steven osborne absolutely nailing ben britten’s piano concerto… with a shoutout to oscar peterson for an encore, no less

second runner-up: february 28th – last-minute maestro michael francis and the band heating things up with danzón no. 2 ~ muy caliente, indeed

first runner-up: february 7th – yuja and the rach 3… with or without the orange mini, ‘nuff said

oh c’mon, what could possibly top ms. wang’s perfect performance?  oy – the envelope please… and the winner of the 2011 golden tail award goes to… (gulp)…

may 12, 2011 – the oregon symphony’s carnegie hall moment.  kalmar.  ives.  iwasaki.  adams.  sylvan.  britten.  work.  vaughan williams.  names for the ages.  i can still hear the applause.  simply put, a day that will forever live in this rodent’s heart.

oh dear, please tell me you witnessed at least one of these miracles!  as always, i’d love to collect your two cents as well.  see that little talk bubble above this post with the words Leave a Comment? – well, do as your told.  one thing that isn’t debatable: ‘twas one helluva year, eh?  okay, arnaldo… give me back that tiara now… arnaldo…


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