shake a leg!

looking over my prized ticket stub collection this morning, i was reminded of becoming a proud subscriber for the first time during the band’s 2008/09 classical season.  after sitting in the same spot on the schnitzer floor for a few years, one of the fringe benefits of renting the same seat is getting to regularly kibitz with neighboring subscribers.  i’ve known mary ever since that 08/09 season, and along the way have also become monday night symphony buddies with mary’s friend deborah, opera buffs carl and marianne, and vancouverites macy and john who repeatedly cross state lines to hear the band.  this fall, i had to break some awful news to these good folks.  the beaver still remembers finding macy in the lobby before the october 10 concert, and screwing up all the courage one rodent could possibly muster, gently took her hand, patted it consolingly, and trying my best to look her in the eyes, choked out the well-rehearsed message: macy dear, i have something to tell you: i’ve moved to the balcony.  i’m sorry.  it’s not you, it’s me.  she took it better than expected.

the good news is that, not only can i now see the whole band in action, i’m already making new friends on high.  rob and karen are series b subscribers in the lower balcony who sit next to me every other show.  [at least i’m 93% sure it’s karen ~ for whatever reason female names never stick easily in my memory.]  parkinson’s disease is a very public affliction, and within a few minutes of meeting, karen proactively informed me that this was the reason behind rob’s trembling legs.  i quickly realize the guy is anything but a passive victim, learning that after years of raising both awareness and funds for research, singer/songwriter rob just finished teaming up with burgerville for their very first record release – a compilation album filled with his own songs sung by crazy-good local artists.  *all proceeds benefit parkinson’s patients through the brian grant foundation, so get one (or three) now at any bv location while they last… shake a leg!


1 Response to “shake a leg!”

  1. 1 Portia December 13, 2011 at 10:41 am

    You’re a sweet one, beave.

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