pretty in pinchas – part II

as opposed to rossini, the life of composer robert schumann was often punctuated with tragedy and came to a pretty shitty end.  his entire time on earth, however, also seemed constantly filled with love, friendship, and music.  i know way more about uncle rob’s bio deets than his compositions, and monday’s concert was the first time the beav got to hear mr. schumann’s music live.  (i know, right?)  boy-oh-boy, i can’t imagine a better introductory piece than what the band played: his second symphony, filled with brewing passion and dark triumph.  the slow third movement?  fuck me – it’s just amazingly beautiful.  [if i ever happen to die, i like want this played at my funeral.]  until it hears otherwise, the beav will assume that if english hornists live to play dvořák 9, then oboists must live to play schumann 2.  and have i told you lately how utterly brilliant our principal oboist is?  well, he is.  his name is marty hebert and he is a double-reed god.  seriously.  he is the zeus of mt. woodwind, where other deity frolic playing gorgeous instruments like clarinets and flutes and bassoons.  marty always shines (always!), but on monday night he was astonishingly shiny… an absolute highlight of the evening (and i daresay, the season!)

oh btw, concerning his latest review, mr. mcquillen @ the oregonian can go suck it.  (no, i will most certainly not link to you.)  also, skybeaver and cheik are the newest superheroes in my world.  peace out, comrades!


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