pretty in pinchas – part I

there’s absolutely something to love about every composer, but if some maniacal interviewer forced the classical beaver to name its 5 all-time favorites, rossini and haydn and tchaikovsky would make the list.  as luck would have it, all 3 of those guys were featured on last night’s program and i can only assume it was the oregon symphony’s personalized solstice gift to lil’ ol’ moi.  a sweet-ass rossinian overture kicked off the evening’s festivities and it was (of course) thoroughly imbued with the expected mischievous humor that makes me such a sucker for his stuff.  truth be told, his life story is also a major draw.  [one of the many joys of being a classical music blogger are all the fascinating composer bios i keep coming across… and if that sentence doesn’t earn me my official nerd badge, i don’t know what will.]  check it: if one happened to be wandering around italy in 1798, a lucky soul might come across a six-year-old rossini playing the triangle in his father’s local band.  in addition to being a horn player, his dad also worked as an inspector of slaughterhouses.  [wow ~ now that’s a side-job!]  a gangly gioachino finished his first opera at the age of 14 (!) and went on to become an international rockstar by 20.  when he was thirty, he got to meet Ludwig van Beethoven who suposedly jotted down on his handy chalkboard: “Ah, Rossini. So you’re the composer of The Barber of Seville.  I congratulate you.  It will be played as long as Italian opera exists.”  [whoa ~ can you even imagine?!]  the guy wrote his last opera at 38.  [sheesh ~ i haven’t even finished my first one yet!]  btw, rossini’s last operatic hurrah?  ‘twas none other than william tell, which kicks off with probably the most famous opera overture in the whole wide world.  uncle gio would live almost 40 more years, moving to paris and living the highlife.  [*totes jealous*]  as you might guess from the above pic, this italian rapscallion was a total foodie – even having several recipes created in his honor.  [the black-truffle-and-foie-gras-topped *tournedos rossini, i must say, seems quite a departure from britten’s toad in the hole.]  and if i ever make it to florence, you better believe this rodent is gonna be slipping into holy cross church and lighting some candles in front of his tomb.  oh gio: i can’t quit you!


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