what’s on tap?

tomorrow, sunday, and monday night at the schnitz, pinchas zukerman pulls double-duty with the oregon symphony as both conductor and soloist. the menu showcases symphony #2 by rob schumann, joe haydn’s first fiddle concerto, and not one, but two (yes, two!) overtures.

why go?  although i’m a relative newbie in the world of classical music, the beaver knows enough to declare pinchas (“pink-us” btw) zukerman a veritable high priest of the concert stage.  with 45+ years of virtuosic performances, 100+ recordings, and 20+ grammy nods under his belt, this violinist/violist/conductor is a living legend.  hearing this guy wield a bow is like watching derek jeter snag a line drive or witnessing lebron james slam dunk or experiencing alex ovechkin fire past a goalie.  and to give mr. zukerman the keys to the hottest band on the west coast?!?  excuse me, i have to change my shorts now…

still not convinced?  what if i told you the next classical concert isn’t until mid-january 2012?  i know, scary thought… but it’s true.  close out twenty-eleven in grand style and catch some pinchas by *clicking here.  you’ll have something to tell the future grandkids.


1 Response to “what’s on tap?”

  1. 1 The Classical Mallard December 2, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Jeter & James?!? How about Mays and Jordan? What struck me last time P-Zuk was in town is how effortless yet technically sound his playing was (while conducting no less).

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