happy b-day, mr. hough!

well, it’s 4pm here in the pacific northwest, which means it’s midnight in merry ol’ england, which means it’s officially november 22nd in heswall, which means (timpani roll please)… stephen hough has made 50 trips around the sun!!!  risking yet another restraining order, the beaver pestered the piano god with some birthday queries – lo’ and behold, he graciously responded.  thanks stephen: you’re pretty much the best.  like, ever.

just when i thought i couldn’t like you anymore, i discover you share your birthday with fellow brit benjamin britten ~ do you feel any special cosmic connection with this composer?

Actually I do.  He’s an influence on my own compositions in some ways, in particular the way he uses and distorts tonality to invoke poignant moods. When I was in my first year at high school we sang his Missa Brevis and it was both my introduction to the Latin text of the Mass as well as its Gloria being my first piece performed in 7/8 time.  I think he was also the first person whom I was told was ‘homosexual’.

i heard the same unfounded slander against liberace when i was growing up.  hey, how will you celebrate the half-century mark?

I’m disappearing far away.  Well, in fact I have a concert with the Singapore Symphony on the 26th so I either had to travel on my birthday or before it.  A sunny, warm November birthday for me for a change!

you deserve it.  well, what’s your birthday wish this year?

To be alive and healthy thus able to make many more birthday wishes over countless more years … and the same for my family and friends (including those in Portland).

aww… thanks stephen.  on behalf of everyone here at the classical beaver home office, i wish you the happiest of birthdays loaded with lots of hats, puddings, and fairly-traded dark chocolates.  may all your wishes come true ~ cheers!


1 Response to “happy b-day, mr. hough!”

  1. 1 Nancy Ives November 23, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    I totally agree. He’s pretty much the best. Thanks for bringing a little SH wonderfulness to your readers!

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