filling jun’s shoes (take 2, take 3)

playing fiddle since her fifth birthday, *assia dulgerska currently holds the title of assistant concertmaster with the houston symphony.  this native bulgarian previously held the same post with the orchestra in louisville, kentucky.  like jun (and the season’s first auditioning cm *john macfarlane) she studied at the legendary cleveland institute of music.  let the kids say woot, woot!

after 5 years with b-town’s big band, *madeline adkins was promoted to associate concertmaster with the baltimore symphony orchestra back in 2005, where she still holds that #2 string position.  the marathon-running, skydiving, bungee-jumping texan seems to have more than a solid decade of soloist and chamber music experience too extensive to list here.  in addition to her big bso gig, she is also concertmaster for the 33-member baltimore chamber symphony, where she tackled medelssohn’s violin concerto just last month.  oh, and she’s already been a guest concertmaster for both the oregon symphony (2007) and for carlos’ annual summer gig, the grant park symphony orchestra.  trills and half notes run through her blood: five of her siblings are professional classical musicians and her folks are reportedly renowned musicologists.  in her spare time (!?) ms. adkins volunteers at a maryland animal shelter fostering cats and kittens.  perhaps the beav was just on a high from benny britten’s intoxicating concerto last monday, but i’ve gotta say madeline appeared to gel with our band in a way that seemed both self-assured and naturally genuine.  and was it just me, or was she and guest flutist *jessica sindell feeding off each other’s try-out energy during the performance?  yowza ~ these are exciting times!


2 Responses to “filling jun’s shoes (take 2, take 3)”

  1. 1 The Classical Mallard November 16, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Any candidate that can join the OSO Running Club gets the nod from the Beaver’s IT team.

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