benny for your thoughts – part I

holy fucking shit: it’s shows like last night that turn unsuspecting folks into obsessive bloggers.  un.  be.  lievable.  our band is playing at a level of technical and emotional perfection most orchestras can only dream about… and they’re playing some of the most interesting music humanity has ever dared to create.  i offer you item #1 on yesterday’s program as exhibit a… imagine the best 1940’s swashbuckling film score you’ve ever heard – a movie where our hero’s final act is committing suicide (!) – and then you’ve got a tiny, tiny inkling of what went down on the schnitzer stage. don juan, richard strauss’ opening gem, is 18 minutes of pure bliss based on, you guessed it: don juan.  this eternal symbol of virility initially bursts onto the scene in a blaze of orchestral glory, red rose in clenched teeth and the ultimate codpiece on full display.  far from being one-dimensional, however, mr. strauss proceeds to take us on an insane melodramatic rollercoaster of emotions where romantic escapades eventually turn tragic, and where every musician has to work hard for the money  [excluding the volunteer concertmaster, who seemingly nailed the audition of a lifetime].  at the end of a performance, a conductor will often ask a particularly kick-ass section to stand for some extra applause.  well, any section could have taken a bow after this piece last night… joël and the viola army… john and the horn brigade… niel and the boys who bang.  simply put, it was a brilliant start to a brilliant night.


1 Response to “benny for your thoughts – part I”

  1. 1 Rachel November 11, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    agreed it was a bravo show all around… I always hold up the nosebleed section in the upper balconies on monday night shows, and on this one some guy was hocking loogies and other undignified “dad sounds” from the end of intermission through the end of the performance. EWWWW

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