absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inextinguishable – part II

from the get-go, nielsen’s fourth symphony is everything i’ve come to expect from the man: robustly scored and intriguingly fun.  alright, alright… before i get accused of being an actual music critic [gasp!], let me come clean and admit i’ve only heard one other composition by uncle carl (the band performed his wacky final symphony #6 back in february ~ click here to refresh your noodle).  and true, the beav had never even heard of the guy prior to 2010.  nonetheless, i’ve come to realize that faithfully following coach kalmar’s programming is like the world’s best pandora app.  or spotify.  or whatever the kids are listening to these days.  i can almost hear the maestro in my head: if you like mahler, zen vait until you hear zis carl nielsen fellow.  and he’s right… he always seems to be right.  even though the royal danish orchestra isn’t playing a stitch of nielsen during their 2011/12 season (i checked), i’ve been spoiled, getting to hear a third of his symphonies this year alone thanks to carlos and the band.  perhaps the classical beaver has become such a nielsen fan because he always seems to be giving juicy solo turns to musicians ~ this was totes true in the #6, but it’s also the case in his inextinguishable #4.  whether it was nancy’s deep cello or marty’s sweet oboe or niel and jon throwing percussive grenades at one another, it was a stellar monday night (as usual) for the principals.  it was also a fantastic evening of final movements, what with the Beethoven concerto and then this danish capper.  for the life of me, i can’t keep from picturing gene autry lounging in a jacobsen egg chair every time i hear it.

ahh… lounging.  today seems like a perfect day for it.  but alas, gotta get ready for another concert this weekend.  it’s enough to give a blogger whiplash.  check in tomorrow for another sweet-ass interview!


1 Response to “absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inextinguishable – part II”

  1. 1 Dan Rasay November 2, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    beav – you have to get on the spotify bandwagon. all the socially network kids are spotify-ing

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