absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inextinguishable – part I

oh dear: last night reaffirmed what is already a proven fact ~ we’ve got the hardest workin’ band in the western land right here in pdx.  and not just on stage either… serious beaver-tail props to president elaine, charles, susan, janet, sarah, jim, laura, dave, and the whole darn gang who help make this orchestra a thriving reality and who help bring in amazing rockstars week in and week out.  rockstars like ms. karen gomyo.  with a lavender gown puddled at her feet, ms. gomyo fiddled her way into everyone’s hearts last night by giving us a Beethoven concerto for the ages.  i could go on and on about that first movement (as grandly sublime as symphony #9) or that slow second movement (able to break the laws of physics by stopping time and expanding space), but jesus h. christ, that last movement with that insanely perfect melody… oh my.  it’s a hook that even mozart would have killed for.  and karen and her strad simply nailed it, instantly transporting the crowd to a long-forgotten pasture just outside of 1806 vienna where butterflies dance and unicorns gallop under a bright double rainbow.  sure, it’s music that many, many folks in the schnitz have heard many, many times before – a veritable touchstone of classical composition.  but like a beloved abstract expressionist painting or a favorite raymond carver story or a highland single malt scotch aged to peaty perfection, it’s power does not diminish with multiple encounters.  on the contrary: this is music that nestles into one’s soul, reminding everyone who’s heard it over the course of two centuries, no matter how often: wowee, what a wonderful world.


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