timp my ride

anyone else remember that insane nielsen symphony #6 way back in february?  [click here to refresh your memory.]  well, coach kalmar is at it again, programming wonderfully weird works to the surprise and delight of everyone involved: this time it’s carl nielsen’s fourth symphony on the menu sunday afternoon and monday night.  the likely highlight of the work is gonna be a kettledrum duel between chief percussionist niel “before me” deponte and principal timpanist jon “animal” greeney during the finale.  this inquisitive rodent asked mr. greeney to say a bit more about the danish composer and his inextinguishable music:

It’s very strange orchestration, but I think it’s really affective (or is it effective, I never get those right).  The 2nd timpanist doesn’t play until the fourth movement – it’s quite a battle.  The two timpanists are placed on opposite sides of the stage and they play some pretty chaotic stuff mixed throughout the movement.  At the end of the last battle there is a big glissando where we will both be changing pitches at the same time!  It’s pretty evenly matched at that point, but Niel definitely seems the most triumphant at the very end closing out the piece.  It should be a good fight. We’ll definitely be taking the gloves off!

whoa!  alright folks, you heard it here first… the schnitzer stage will soon turn into a giant cage match.  the only weapons allowed?  bare fists and felt-tipped mallets.  thanks jon for the inside scoop!


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