maestro francis & uncle igor

yowza! – i’m still thinking about that absolutely insane symphony of psalms from saturday night, basking in its auditory afterglow.  and because the beav’s got uncle igor on the brain, it can’t help but think about the last time mr. stravinsky was on the program… when michael francis was in town!  four norwegian moods kicked-off the last-minute-maestro’s concerts way back in february, when i asked for his thoughts on the composer:

“As with all of his music, the further one delves into the subtleties the more one sees.  It appears to me he is incapable of writing anything that is not exquisitely interesting.” 

*swoon* omg, i can practically hear his cute lil’ british accent just reading that quote!!!  click here or there to read maestro francis tackling all of the classical beaver’s questions.  oh, and btw, quick updates: not only is michael gonna conduct the san francisco symphony for a special new year’s eve concert, his official online bio brags about how he’s gonna be returning to p-town soon!  aww, that guy…


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