an innocent beaver

i was in fourth grade when i fell madly in love with billy joel.  at the time, an innocent man saturated the adult contemporary airwaves and i simply couldn’t get enough.  my parents purchased the album (after a brief episode of relentlessly intense pestering) and i sequestered myself in front of the basement stereo pouring over the liner notes.  it took me a few pleasurable weeks, but i managed to memorize every single word to uptown girl and was hitting the title track’s high note with every play.  i needed more.  during the endless period of expectation for billy’s next album, hoping for little else than temporary distraction, i accompanied my mother on a trip to the grocery store.  oh, how could i have been so stupid?!  focused on the future, i was blind to the past.  the 10-year-old me stood slack-jawed before the discount music rack as mr. joel’s untapped oeuvre sat gleaming: cold spring harbor, the entertainer, glass houses, 52nd street… each plastic-wrapped cassette case seemed like a precious jewel waiting to be unearthed.  only $1.99 came between me and my next musical discovery.

getting hooked on classical music means an endless revelation of musical treasures.  last saturday night, i went to the schnitz for Beethoven but it was stravinsky that blew my mind and broke my heart.  symphony of psalms may be one of uncle igor’s greatest hits, but until a few weeks ago, i didn’t know it from adam.  now, thanks to the best band (and choir!) in the western land, my relationship with mr. stravinsky and his insanely interesting music has grown just a little bit more deeper.  i won’t lie to you: as the leaves start to fall and the days grow shorter, my thoughts occasionally drift to that uptown girl in her white bread world, betting she still hasn’t had a backstreet guy.  but for the most part, i’m just really looking forward to may 2012 and hearing that bassoon intro from the rite of spring performed live.


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  1. 1 Kirsten October 21, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    I highly recommend renting the original Disney Fantasia and watching the dinosaurs. Its good nerd fun. 🙂

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