i heart heart

loyal beaver reader, i have completely and utterly failed you.  this fine morn i had every intention of waxing poetic on the brilliant piano concerto natasha paremski played last night.  but things change.  i learned that if you hang around the stage door of the schnitz long enough, you just might get invited to go karaoke after the concert with some folks in the band.  even though it was way past this rodent’s bed time, it would have been rude to decline the offer.  i’m still sorting it all out.  imagine hanging out in the vestibule after mass and having fr. o’malley invite you to tag along with him and the rest of the rectory to devil’s point for a few drinks.  brahms was erased and minds were blown.  shouting over some poor soul attempting total eclipse of the heart, one orchestral whippersnapper remarked: we like karaoke because we get to be less than perfect.  i almost believed her, until she perfectly belted out a power ballad that would have given ann wilson a run for her money.

oh, and in case you’re wondering, this rodent was all set to give that karaoke mic for a ride, but there wasn’t a single mahler lieder to choose from.  maybe next time.


1 Response to “i heart heart”

  1. 1 Slim Timba October 12, 2011 at 7:49 am

    WTF? You’re seriously blaming going out after the concert as the reason you didn’t blog on the concert? How old did the Beaver just turn?

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