gonna fall in love again – part II

after calming the eff down from elina vähälä’s superstar performance, the monday night schnitzer crowd made its way back into the hall and settled in for their final white russian of the evening.  mr. rachmaninoff’s symphony #2 is sweepingly cinematic, and makes it almost easy to predict uncle sergei would eventually live out his last years near 1940’s hollywood, california.  our pdx orchestra, transforming itself from the ultimate back-up band into the main attraction, was radiant in all its suped-up glory… erin and her violin, robert and his trombone, marilyn and her cello, vio and his viola, carin and her bassoon, jeffrey and his trumpet… the whole gang was just ready to rock the house that harold and arlene re-built.  the first half of the score proved oceanic, like a huge body of liquid sound ebbing and flowing, trying its very best to breach the dyke my heart.  [btw, shout-outs to mr. greeney and mr. clark for those kick-ass timpani/tuba mash-ups in the second movement ~ props!]  and all those melodies sloshing around in the first half of the piece?  they all seemed to be swelling up towards their ultimate goal of the third movement – oh, that third movement!  *swoon*  honestly, calling this adagio “romantic” is like calling michele bachmann “bat shit crazy” – both descriptions are major understatements.  when the strings ushered in that lushest of melodies, i saw more than one baby boomer husband reach his arm around his baby boomer wife, and i swear i could hear one of ‘em say: remember when we used to put in that eric carmen 8-track and cruise around in the impala?  it was cute.  the make-out sessions, however, came to an abrupt end as the finale burst on the scene in grand style, sending the crowd home with a bang.  actually, quite a number of bangs.  i pray to high heaven you caught one of these shows, cuz it was really something special.  if you missed out, here’s some good news: our beautiful band has just started its season, so there will be plenty more special opportunities.  and the beaver will be here to gush over every single one of ‘em.


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