gonna fall in love again – part I

tonight’s the night, folks!  after an over-the-top overture (trust me, it’s one helluva warm-up), phenom fiddler elina vähälä is gonna grace the stage of the schnitz to tackle sergei prokofiev’s 103-year-old violin showpiece.  she’ll kick the whole thing off with a hauntingly mischievous solo, the band’ll join in to drive the melody home, and then just like that – the music transforms itself into something wondrously new, eventually winding its way back towards the primary riff.  oh, and this all happens within just the first 3 minutes (!) of frantic music.  elina will continue to survey every square inch of uncle sergei’s broad emotional landscape, plucking her way into that glorious middle section.  dawn upshaw may have cancelled her show this saturday, but ms. vähälä’s stradivarius will be singing a sweet-ass aria indeed, filling in as operatic diva quite nicely.  [btw, keep your cochleas attuned for the perfect bassline layed out by the band’s low strings on stage left.]  and i’ll leave you with this: if hell has a carousel, it plays the final creepy movement of this concerto over and over and over while bouncing gargoyles spin round and round and round.  pour yourself a stiff shot of smirnoff and get down here pronto!  8pm!  be therena zdorovia!


1 Response to “gonna fall in love again – part I”

  1. 1 Kirsten September 26, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    There is really only one phrase to properly express how utterly beautiful the Prokofiev concerto was on Saturday: “Oh. Holy. Whoa.” I haven’t had goosebumps like that in a long time.

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