the best feeling in the world

at one point in my life, the best feeling in the world was probably the gentle brush of mom’s nipple against my cheek.  fast-forwarding a decade, the title would have instantly gone to christmas eve dinner at grandma’s.  in my 20’s, receiving fellatio would have consistently made the short list (we’re being honest here, right?).  if you asked the 30-year-old me, i might have said eating at a sushi restaurant with my soon-to-be husband.  currently, the best feeling in my world is less than one week away, when the oregon symphony’s classical season begins.

i didn’t grow up listening to this music, only giving it a serious chance to thrive a few years ago.  now i am completely and utterly hooked.  after a long summer break, the orchestra is ramping back up and the anticipation of opening night is more persistently popping up in my frontal cortex: the hobnobbing of the packed lobby, the polite plea for turning off all electronic devices, the beautifully carved heads of the double-basses standing at attention, the acrobatics of the conductor’s baton, the high-end designer gowns of the soloists, the music – oh, the music!  haydn, rossini, prokofiev… these are names that have very quickly moved from being un-pronounceable to being much loved for the perfectly sublime music they wrote long ago.  who knows what the best feeling in the world will be ten years down the road.  for now, the beaver is content knowing that an overture and a violin concerto are just five days away.


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