it’s june, iwasaki!

a quick natural science lesson for those not completely familiar with the rare classical beaver (castor canadensis classicus): while the creature regularly spends fall-winter-spring near heavily populated italian rococo revival theaters, summer is typically a time of migration for this rodent.  areas of travel during warmer months include, but are not limited to, the columbia river gorge, the glaciers of montana, and various bars along southeast foster.

after (somewhat reluctantly) publishing the first post back in september, the beav silently wondered if this blog could be maintained throughout the season.  166 posts, 119 reader comments, 29 interviews, 8 days of prizes, 5 all-classical tutorials, and 1 trip to carnegie hall later, it not only survived but thrived.  if you count yourself a fan, please think of that paypal button as the official tip jar ~ all proceeds are guaranteed to bring back a bigger and badder beaver next season.

lastly, but certainly not leastly… many, many, many thanks to maestro carlos and the incredible musicians of the oregon symphony for a mind-blowing season of staggering genius.  listening to you is always a thrill.  always.  and even though these next few months might be filled with the pop dalliances of rufus, sufjan, and arcade fire, trust me: i’m already looking forward to 2011/12. happy summer vay-kay… you’ve earned it!


2 Responses to “it’s june, iwasaki!”

  1. 1 Joe Cantrell June 1, 2011 at 9:29 am


    Keep it up, man! As we learned to my elderly distress today, things are happening in our band. It ain’t over just because the fat lady hit that high C.

    Make a summer of it, perhaps that will telescope the time till December.


  2. 2 James Bash June 1, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Congratulations on a blog well done! I look forward to your observations and enthusiasm in the fall when you come out of hibernation or whatever chisel-toothed rodents do in the summer.

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