please, just one more

well, if you happen to be a faithful beaver reader, you already know that the cb has a slightly unnatural penchant for top ten lists.  heaven help me, i simply couldn’t resist the urge to squeeze out just one more.  not only was 2010/11 absolutely chock-full of fantabulous music, ’twas also loaded with super-special moments that didn’t involve a single note.  so without further ado, i give you (in particular order)… the classical beaver’s top 10 non-musical highlights of the season!

#10 ~ starting off the season by interviewing hilary hahn

#9 ~ getting “angry symphony guy” letter #7 printed in the mercurcy

#8 ~ witnessing gordon rencher whip around the bull’s roar

#7 ~ being in the all-classical booth with christa wessel while she was on air

#6 ~ interviewing jason schooler’s beard

#5 ~ receiving a follow-up email from yuja wang after inquiring who made the dress she wore in concert (carlos miele, btw)

#4 ~ meeting james ehnes who immediately remarked: “oh yes, you’re the one who asked if i had a sword.”

#3 ~ having maestro francis buy me a beer after he disrobed on stage

#2 ~ presenting stephen hough with a letter of welcome from mayor sam adams and a chocolate beaver from moonstruck

#1 ~ joining in a standing ovation for the band at carnegie hall


1 Response to “please, just one more”

  1. 1 Christa Wessel May 27, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Awww… I’m so honored to have made the list! 🙂

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