checking in with the newbies

before embarking on summer vay-kay, it might be good to check in with some of the greenest members of the band… you know, just make sure they’re okay, not getting picked on, whatnot.  violinist emily cole and bassist ted botsford both joined the oregon symphony back in january and were nice enough to chat with the classical beaver for a spell:

well emily, with five months now under your belt, how’s it going?

I am beyond fortunate to be a member of this orchestra.  I get to play with fabulous musicians, all of whom have been very welcoming and supportive, as well as a wonderful conductor… and it’s my JOB.  I also get to live in Portland, obviously.  Since I moved here in January, I haven’t even scratched the surface of what this town has to offer… especially in terms of food.  I have a long list of restaurants/food carts/happy hours I want to try!  Also, my family lives in Seattle, so I’m really lucky to be close to home.

ted, you liking it alright too?

I’m really enjoying my time as an Oregon Symphony musician – it’s a great orchestra, and a great group of people.  Our bass section is small, but I’ve been impressed with how much sound 6 players can make – it’s an interesting challenge to support a full-size orchestra with our numbers, but I think we are doing pretty well.  I’m also really happy I had an excuse to move to the Pacific Northwest – the surroundings are incredible, the people are really cool, and the food and drink are amazing.

if you had to pick, what was your favorite piece to play this season?  ted, you go first this time…

One thing I really like about playing here is the adventurous programming – in the last five months, I’ve played a lot of really interesting and unusual music that I hadn’t even heard of before.  I especially liked Walton’s Partita for Orchestra from the concert we played with James Ehnes last month.  (And playing with James Ehnes was an amazing experience too.)

emily, any faves?

I will never forget playing Britten’s Sinfonia da Requiem in Carnegie Hall.  Ever.  I also really loved playing La Mer.  As part of my tenure review that week, I sat on the first stand with Jun Iwasaki, and it was pretty thrilling to be right up there in the middle of all the excitement!  Emanuel Ax’s Brahms concerto was unforgettable as well.

ms. cole, any plans for summer break?

I’ll be playing a music festival in Astoria for a few weeks in June, going on a family vacation to Hawaii in July, and hopefully spending the rest of the time travelling to visit friends and going on exciting adventures!

well, i highly encourage you to stop in at ft. george brewery while in astoria.  and mr. botsford, any exciting adventures planned?

I’m playing at a couple of short festivals this summer and I’m thinking about putting on a solo recital in a few months.  I’m also hoping to start teaching – maybe you know of someone who wants to start playing the bass?  Other than that, I’m going to explore all that Oregon has to offer – hiking, plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and a trip to the coast.  Should be a great time if the summers are as nice as everyone says.

well, the bass is a bit too big for the beave, but i’ll keep my ears open for any prospective students and send ‘em your way for sure.  thanks again to emily and ted ~ have a super sweet summer!


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